Carl Testa Music


My ensemble music ranges from works for trio (clarinet, bass, percussion) to works for medium-sized ensembles with electronics. My current ensemble focus is on Sway, an interactive live processing environment for any number of musicians.


I'm now making copies of my compositions for small ensembles available here for download. If you'd like to record or perform any of these pieces please email me at carl (at) carltesta (dot) net

Uncertainty (2005) for clarinet and bass clarinet
Pull (2007) for two clarinets and electronics
Trio (2009) for clarinet, bass, and drums
Ballad (Farewell) (2010) for clarinet, bass, and vibraphone
Duo One (2010) for cello and bass
Duo Two (2010) for cello and bass
For Vibraphone, Cello, and Bass (2011)
Slope (2012) for cello and bass
Slope 2 (2012) for three electric guitars
Graph Duos (2013) for two instruments
Ultraviolet (Amsterdam Version) (2015) for clarinet, sopranino sax, violin, cello, bass, and live electronics
Ultraviolet (Chicago Version) (2015) for two clarinets, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and live electronics

Spectra (excerpt) - for voice, cello, vibraphone, electronics, and lighting

Static (excerpt) - for two guitars, bass clarinet, and electronics